Supporting Institutions that Educate Girls

The immediate need that The Gud Foundation supports is to increase the educational opportunities for girls in Mexico by providing facilities improvements, supplies, scholarships and instructional resources to the Casa de Jesus residential girls’ home in Morelia.

For girls whose parents cannot afford to send them to Casa de Jesus
Much-needed household goods and furnishings
Expansion to support to other residential educational facilities in the area

The girls are provided a safe and stable home where they are transported daily to and from school, and where they learn responsibility, accountability and organizational skills. Casa de Jesus is not supported by financial contributions paid by the Church or the government, but by fees paid by the parents and by donors. Staffing for Casa de Jesus is provided by nuns from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Morelia and by community volunteers.

Casa de Jesus exists by the ability of parents to pay and the generosity of the community it serves. The parents of each girl must pay something toward the cost to stay, but some parents can only afford to pay about $5 per month while others pay up to about $50 per month. These amounts do not come close to what it costs to live there. The difference must be made up from external sources. 

Every little bit counts

Please choose a one-time payment donation level. Paypal and credit card accepted. EIN #46-2031810

Or, donate directly to the Casa de Jesus Library Project. Choose any fixed donation level or select "Any $" and tick the "make this recurring" box in the paypal window to set up a monthly installment plan.

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