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Self-Employed Single Mother Grateful for Program that Sends Girls to School

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mother and daughter street vendors

Editor’s note: An interview by the Gud Foundation’s Laura Gudmundson-Tillson from her visit this month (April 2014) at Casa de Jesus in Morelia, Mexico

A street vendor since childhood, education was not an option for girls like Gloria

While visiting Casa de Jesus this month I met a self-employed single mother who works as a street vendor. During the weekdays, Gloria prepares her baskets and maintains the household.  Her three daughters reside at Casa de Jesus and attend school. At the end of the week she comes to bring her girls home for the weekends. Her oldest daughter, age 11, helps her sell snacks at a crossroads that leads outside of the city toward Guanajuato.

Gloria was very open about her work and the challenges she faces raising her three girls. Born into an indigenous tribe in Mexico, she speaks Otomi and does not know how to read or write. Vending is the only work skill she has.

“My father would not register me in school. If I went to school he thought I would become a type of person…that was not good. I did not like the idea but I could not do anything about it.  It was my destiny, but I do not want to repeat this story with my children.”

Casa de Jesus provides a home and education for girls, and peace of mind for Gloria and many parents

Gloria’s younger daughters are ages eight and five. While they and their oldest sister are at Casa de Jesus during the week, Gloria says she is happy that she has a place for her daughters. “It has security, it has everything. They have food to eat and a place to sleep. I want them to have an opportunity. Allow them to get ahead. I do not want them to be like me,” she says. “No one will hire me because I have no schooling. A diploma speaks for you!”

Gloria’s story can be repeated across Mexico and throughout the world

This is why we created the Gud Foundation. We are beginning in Mexico and changing the lives of girls. The Gud Foundation supports institutions like Casa de Jesus. They provide first a safe, happy place for girls to thrive and get the education that was denied to many mothers like Gloria. If you feel encouraged by the work we are doing, please like the Gud Foundation’s Facebook page and we will be encouraged too! Click to find out more about what we do or to make a donation so that more girls can be helped by Casa de Jesus. We are working hard to raise the last of the funds needed to build a library and study area for girls at Casa de Jesus in Morelia.

Why did we start in Mexico?

Keep checking back and I will talk about that next time! Do you have a desire to see more educational opportunities for girls? Leave us a comment and let us know an area where you think girls should be able to go to school

Until then, please view the entire interview with Gloria.




  1. Patricia Gutiérrez Pérez
    June 7, 2014 at 3:53 am

    Me gusta esta pagina y felicito de manera especial a la Señora Laura por su tenacidad en ayudar a la obra de Dios, le deseo lo mejor junto con todas las personas que colaboran con ella Dios los bendiga.

    Saludos Señora Laura desde Pachuca, Hidalgo la recordamos con cariño y gratitud hermanas y alumnas,


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