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by Gud Foundation Executive Director Laura Gudmundson-Tillson

Seeing a full circle of success…life after Casa de Jesus

This week I spent a lot of time reviewing photographs of my recent visit to the homes we support for girls’ education in Mexico: Casa de Jesus Morelia and Casa de Jesus Pachuca.  There are a lot of stories I am cherishing from my short time there and I will be sharing them in the coming weeks. One of the many moments I was fortunate to witness was a reunion between Sister Adelita and a former resident I’ll call Cristina, who set out on her own from Casa de Jesus in 1976.

“Cristina” came by Casa de Jesus while I was there on April 12, 2014. She hoped to see someone from her time at Casa and reconnect. She was lucky! Sister Adelita recognized her immediately! Sister Adelita is the only one still alive from that time.

In her own words: “Cristina” remembers her time at Casa de Jesus Morelia

“I remember my father dropped me off, I arrived with my sister, Teofila. I was 12 years old. At that time, we had a primary school on the premises that taught to third grade. Fourth grade and on we would have to leave the premises and attend a school named “Progreso.” Once we graduated from Middle school and Secondary school, we were given lessons in typing and office skills. I left [Casa de Jesus] when I was 18 years old.”

“We lived well; the nuns looked after us and loved us. They made sure we ate well, that we were clean and ready to go to school. They taught us to cook and clean and gave us a moral standard and always maintained our innocence. We learned to be responsible to ourselves and others. When I share my story with others, they say I was brought up in an unrealistic world. They say I was too sheltered… I say ‘my life here in this home was beautiful!’”

"Cristina" and Sister Adelita

“Cristina” and Sister Adelita


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